Income Generation: Tenant Storage Lockers

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December 6, 2022
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Income Generation: Tenant Storage Lockers

An Overview Wire Mesh is utilized in almost every industry and can be beneficial in securing, organizing, and running your business. Our Wire Mesh Partitions come in various specifications and offer endless ways to customize. Within any business, protection is vital to success. We are here to explain how your business can and should be secured, while managing to generate additional income through renting wire mesh locker spaces for additional storage space. 

Income Generation

Passive Income is one of the best ways to make money. Essentially, with this type of income generation, you are able to sit back, watch, and increase income without lifting a finger. With our Tenant Storage lockers, you have the ability to make passive income and within the first year. Most customers generate a steady source of passive income through integration of Tenant Storage Locker systems in apartment, condominium, and multifamily complexes nationwide. So, what exactly is a Tenant Storage Locker and how do I get started? 

Tenant Storage Lockers

Tenant Storage Lockers are often utilized in apartment buildings or multi-family units, allowing for the security of residential goods. The lockers feature standard ten gauge 2″ x 2″ square welded wire mesh, with doors often pre-hung and welded, making them easy to configure. Generally located in a parking garage or alternate storage area, residents are able to rent a storage locker and place personal items in a safe, secure place outside of their immediate living space. Most of the time, complex owners will earn back their initial investment, merely through renting, within one year of installation. We offer single-tier or double-tier options and can provide padlock lugs for each unit. Check out our page on Tenant Storage Lockers to learn more. 

Bike Storage Lockers

Bike Storage Lockers are another use of our Storage Lockers that are often utilized in apartment buildings or multi-family units. These provide extra security for bikes that residents rely on for daily or recreational transportation. When it comes to the Bike Storage Lockers, residential housing complexes are promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, encouraging residents easy access to work or school, rather than taking a car or motor vehicle. 

Bike Storage Lockers are especially beneficial for apartment buildings and multi-family units in the city or a busy subdivision, allowing for easy and convenient ways to move around town! For example, if a resident wanted to dine at a restaurant three miles away, instead of walking or taking their car, they can easily take their bike. 


One of the most common uses for our Tenant Storage Lockers is for renters. Many apartment units do not offer adequate space for renters to store their items such as bikes, large toys, old furniture, etc within their immediate living space. While residential units may not be able to house larger items, the apartment complex itself often has a large amount of unused space available such as in a parking garage or vacant room on each floor. These areas are ideal for integration of a Tenant Storage Locker or Bike Storage system by Integration of these systems is beneficial for both renters and complex managers to store bulky items, as well as generate income monthly. Apartments and Multi-Housing Units with’s Tenant Storage Lockers intact are much more appealing and have the ability to generate more income as residents feel there is room for their items without having to sacrifice their possessions.   

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