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October 5, 2020
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Physical Asset Security

Understanding the Importance of Physical Security

Several industries have a need for many levels of asset security. Different regions of the country require different forms of secure storage, often times depending on the product or valuable asset being stored. From Fine Jewelry to Cannabis, companies and residential applications have a need for ensuring the security of valuables whether through installation of a vault, safe, or security caging system. There are multiple areas to consider when fulfilling a physical security plan. While modular vaults and security cages encompass the majority of the physical security, other supplemental products are also important. Cameras, heat and motion sensors, as well as an alarm system may give your facility the edge needed to stay secure!

Different Aspects of Physical Security
Vaults and Vault Doors

Described best as a “walk-in safe”, modular security vaults allow for heightened physical security. A physical and visual deterrent to theft, vaults offer more storage capacity and security than your everyday rated safe. Customizable in size, shape, and level of burglary resistance, modular vaults offer the strength and design adaptability for security in any industry. Installing a modular vault will ensure the highest level of valuable security.

Security Caging

Wire mesh partitions or security cages are an excellent layer of asset security. Caging is versatile and can be installed on the interior or exterior of a vault, or as a stand along secure storage area. Available in a plethora of different options, these systems can be customized in regards to size, mesh type, and many other areas of specifications.

Cameras and Motion Sensors

Keeping an “eye” on both the exterior and interior of a facility storing sensitive or valuable products is possible through installing an array of cameras. Strategically covering angles of the location that may be difficult to track, security cameras will allow for visual monitoring of traffic that occurs near and around asset storage. Monitoring both employees and clients, recording day-to-day interactions can be beneficial for preventing theft. Cameras can also be installed in conjunction with motion sensors. After business hours, if a camera detects motion in an area that is sensitive, recording commences.

Devising a stringent and comprehensive physical security plan could prevent major loss for your business or residence.

Using Physical Security Products in Conjunction with One Another

If your business or residence is seeking an upgraded physical security plan for asset security, try combining these methods for thorough coverage! Utilizing modular vaults and security caging as the strength, as well as enacting cameras and motion sensors for ancillary safety will give your home or business the security advantage it needs for asset protection.

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