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April 5, 2018
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Wire Mesh Machine GuardMachine Guards and Safety Partitions

Everywhere workers rely on the use of equipment and machinery to do their jobs, the possibility of injury looms. Even when safety precautions are followed, there are times when equipment is defective or malfunctioning.

According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute, 3 types of equipment related accidents are all in the top 10 leading causes of workplace injury: struck by equipment, caught or compressed by equipment, and struck against an object or equipment.

With billions of dollars in health insurance and liability claims at stake, as well as over 18,000 injuries and hundreds of deaths each year, every manufacturer can contribute to a safer workspace through safe operation of equipment and creating safe spaces around equipment.

That’s where machine guards and safety partitions come in. At Security Caging, we offer wire mesh enclosures and partitions designed to bring additional safety to the manufacturing floor.

Modular, Customizable, Wire Mesh Solutions

Whether you need fixed caging, including wire mesh ceiling panels, or movable wire guard panels for ad hoc placement, we have a solution for you.

Our machine guarding and partition system uses modular wire mesh panels designed to be assembled in a variety of configurations from standard parts. This gives you the ability to meet specific space requirements, to make simple partitions, corner walls, three quarter enclosures, or full wire cages of any size and dimension, including wire mesh ceilings and a variety of sliding and gate doors with multiple lock and latching options.

Wire mesh machine guards allow for existing lighting, heating, and fire safety systems to operate without special accommodation.

Light, medium, and heavy-duty designs are available. Our standardized part system allows for rapid installation and reconfiguration as your needs change.

To learn more about wire caging used in manufacturing, visit our page on Wire Cages in Manufacturing.

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