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Division 10 Specialty Contractors,
Security Caging

At SecurityCaging.com, we offer solutions in storage, organization, safety, restricted access, and more.

Designed with modular customization in mind, our wire partitions are ready to be what you need them to be. Our panels are stackable, providing for fast installation and a building block approach. These systems are secure, with bolts accessible only from the inside and flexible, able to be assembled in single wall, two wall, three, and four wall configurations.


Division 10 is a division of construction that covers specialty products and materials for commercial and government projects. The items covered under Division 10 often do not fall under other standard divisions and typically include interior finishes within the construction projects. SecurityCaging.com offers a number of specialty solutions for Division 10 contractors to complete the interior of construction projects. Security Caging and Wire Mesh  Partitions are among our most desired product offerings in this category (spec 10 22 13). 

Division 10 Overview

Division 10 is a division for the construction industry under CSI and UFGS that covers specialties such as visual display boards, signage, compartments and cubicles, partitions, lockers, security cages, storage assemblies, and more. Division 10 specialty materials essentially finish construction projects to provide the most effective use of the completed facility. Division 10 Contractors partner with General Contractors to fulfill all necessary finishes for these projects with the assistance of SecurityCaging.com. 

Division 10 Importance

These materials are important to finish every project and for the effective use of the finished construction project. Construction projects cannot be adequately used by the public without important materials from Division 10 suppliers. From toilet partitions to wire mesh lockers, Division 10 provides the finishing touches on any project. We provide a service that allows for more convenient packaging of materials by Division 10 contractors to General Contractors. As the Division 10 contractors are the experts on unique areas and products within the spec division, we can help fill in any gaps in product offerings that may be of convenience to the General Contractors. Our offerings can increase the diversity of the package bid pricing from Division 10 contractors and therefore increase the likelihood of an award.

Who We Serve

We serve as a subcontractor to Division 10 construction contractors that cover specialty products and materials. We provide a subsection of Division 10 with our catalog of security caging, wire mesh partitions, and other specialty products. Our secure storage solutions aim to create greater efficiency, security, and organization for finished construction projects. We offer Division 10 specialty security solutions for your construction project including wire mesh partitions, security caging, wire mesh lockers, mezzanine systems, guardrails, and handrails, and more.

We specialize in 10 22 13 specifications for wire mesh partitions and 10 51 43 specifications for wire mesh storage lockers. We are experts in these areas and can assist with designs, specifications, budgetary pricing, and installation of these products. All of our physical security caging and wire mesh partitions can be customized and ordered to fit any project. We work with multiple suppliers to ensure a broad range of product offerings and efficient lead times. SecurityCaging.com offers competitive pricing, fast lead times, and turnkey installations. 

International Vault and SecurityCaging.com have been helping Division 10 Contractors complete their projects for over 4 decades. In past projects, we have provided secure storage solutions with our wire mesh partitions, security caging, and wire mesh lockers. We follow specific guidelines such as the 10 22 13 specifications for wire mesh partitions, to ensure that construction projects are up to standard. We help by interpreting specifications if they are already in place for this scope of work. If specs are not in place, we can assist by providing specs for inclusion in the bid documents. We provide designs based on the project drawings to ensure proper fit within the building. We can interface with other subcontractors to make sure of smooth integration with various scopes, for instance, ensuring no on-site issues when it comes time for installation. We offer site visits that allow us to check and confirm dimensions and to quantify any potential issues ahead of time so we can develop workarounds, planning ahead. We work closely to make sure our products are there on time every time by closely coordinating upstream and downstream. As changes are constantly occurring in the construction process, we can pivot as required to make things happen for our customers. SecurityCaging.com provides secure storage and security solutions to general contractors on time, on or under budget! 

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International Vault was the first established and UL-approved manufacturer of modular vaults. We have been providing security solutions for Division 10 Contractors since 1982. We exist to assist you in finding the right storage and security solutions for your construction business. With the fastest manufacturing lead times, seasoned experts, and highest available security performance and material spec security ratings, Security Caging by International Vault is dedicated to finding the right products for you!

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