Field Modifying Wire Mesh Security Caging

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Wire Mesh Partitions VS Chain Link Fencing
September 17, 2020
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Repurposing Existing Facilities
September 25, 2020
Field Modifications

Versatile and Modifiable

Wire mesh partitions are ideal for field cuts and custom modifications

Free-standing security cages are easy to install and are assembled as they ship with minimal to no modifications. What happens when the facility your security caging is supposed to be installed in has obstructions and other aspects limiting a free and clear install? Modifications and alterations made during the installation process. Through field cuts and other forms of changes made directly to the wire mesh itself, our expert installation crew is able to work around oddly shaped ducts, sprinkler pipes, and other obstructions that are in the way of the desired location of your security caging system.

What Obstructions Could be an Issue?
  • Sprinkler Pipes
  • HVAC Ducts
  • Elevation Changes
  • Ceiling Beams
  • Permanent Equipment
  • Conduits and Other Electrical Wiring
  • Mezzanines
  • Other Structures Inhibiting Free and Clear Installation
Wire Mesh Versatility

Welded wire mesh is resilient and offers strength at every intersection. Featuring strong welds at each seam, the welded wire will not unravel or fall apart during field modifications like its chain link or woven wire counterparts. Because of the individual welds made to this welded wire fabric, customization and field modifications during the installation are easy and will not compromise the structural integrity of the system. Through use of hog rings and tack welding, our crew can ensure continued security around these difficult areas even when areas of the welded wire mesh panels need to be altered. Choosing welded wire mesh as the basis of design for your system will eliminate the fear of obstruction issues during installation due to its versatility!

Elevation Changes

Many projects have varying elevations. Whether due to the desired height of the system or an existing ceiling elevation that exhibits tapering, Security Caging by International Vault can handle any height variations. Through consultation with our security caging engineering team, we will design a series of wire mesh partitions that fits the space. Manipulation of posts, panel sizes, and door locations will help us achieve a structurally sound, secure, and accessible security caging system, no matter the elevation.

Consistent Lead Time

Customizing security caging systems has the potential to increase lead time. Accounting for all of the obstructions that may interfere with the installation may prolong design and engineer time, as well as prove to be problematic if field measurements were not 100% accurate prior to submittal and approval. Utilizing field cuts and modifications instead of relying on customized panels and posts will help to conserve lead time and ensure the obstructions are accounted for correctly the first time. From design and engineering to production and installation, Security Caging by International Vault will ensure your secure storage system is ideal for your unique space.

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