How To Purchase a Security Caging or Modular Vault System?

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Purchasing a Security Caging or Modular Vault System

Where to begin?

Many of the inquiries we receive come from individuals and businesses outside of the loop regarding secure storage. In need of guidance and instruction throughout the design-build process of a new system, we decided to construct a “how-to” guide for our clients to organize their thoughts and further conceptualize the required specifications for a secure storage system.

  1. Why are you purchasing and building a vault or security caging system?
  2. Are you building this security system for personal security desire or is there a professional requirement for your business?
  3. If you are building this system due to a professional requirement, is this vault or caging system an insurance requirement, or did you deem it a priority to protect the assets that make your business successful?
  4. For either personal or professional reasons, do you want others to know that the vault or caging system is there, or would you prefer it to remain hidden and discreet?

Preparing and sharing information like this will enable a faster quotation and will make the entire purchasing and installation process smoother. Next, collect answers to the questions below and advise our team of your responses.

Understanding requirements for install and accurate pricing
    1. On slab or suspended?
    2. Is the desired location in a basement or on concrete?
    3. How big are the openings, windows? Hallways?
    4. How sharp are the turns on the way to the installation site for our crew handling large panels and doors?
    5. Are there any objects hanging off ceiling or attached to floors that could prevent easy access?
    6. Are there any surfaces, such as high dollar finishing’s (i.e. marble, granite), that could be potentially compromised during install?
    7. Are there any time schedule requirements?
    8. Do you need this system because you are opening a business, need to store products by a certain date, or is this for an existing business?
    9. Is there any flexibility regarding your time schedule? If so, how much?
    10. Are there any existing vaults or security caging systems?

After we have established why you are looking to purchase the vault or caging system, we can then move on to the execution details.

Our team needs to precisely visualize the destination of this system, what challenges our installation crew will face during the install, and understand the overall limitations of the project.

Our team asks that a detailed plan be provided for:
  • The desired installation site and any potential challenges
  • Time frame and desired completion date
  • Any potential limitations of the project
  • Informed of any changes that occur from date of signed drawings to completed installation of system

A lack of information could prevent us from executing the scheduled plans. Our team needs to be the first to know of any changes to the installation space, plan, and schedule.

We understand there is a lot of grey area resulting from dynamic situations and the obvious human element. Alterations occur to most projects, and we will adapt in order to accommodate the changes we can. Adjusting on a case by case basis is inevitable and our team will work to solve all problems a project may present.

Freight and Installation Process

The transport of your new system will be completed through use of flat bed trucks. Depending on the size of your system, multiple trucks may be necessary and pricing may be contingent on the quantity of trucks needed. All of the offloading of materials and components of your system will be completed by our installation crew.

If you choose to forgo a turn-key installation, both our vault and security caging systems are available on a supply only basis upon request.

Ensuring the highest satisfaction from design to installation is our top priority

To mitigate any installation snags, our team will travel to complete a pre-install site visit for a fee. Completing one of these visits will allow our team to conceptualize your project on a first-hand basis and offer advice on the best course of action to complete your security vault or caging system.

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