Elevate Your Space

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November 9, 2022
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December 22, 2022

Elevate Your Space


SecurityCaging.com Mezzanines are utilized in almost every industry and can be beneficial in organizing and protecting your business! Our team ships and installs all over the United States, as well as Internationally. With small businesses, organization, space utilization and protection are vital to success. We are here to explain how your business can and should be organized and secure.

Mezzanine Systems

Mezzanine Systems are an elevated platform that assists with space creation, organization, and security. These systems can be a deterrent to intrusion, are durable, and provide a high-end, professional appearance for your facility. SecurityCaging.com is always the right choice. When you don’t want to leave security to chance, rely on the reputation of International Vault, our parent company, with almost four decades of experience supplying modular vaults and physical security solutions to clients worldwide.

Mezzanine Options

Our Mezzanine Systems come in a wide variety of options to best suit your business needs. From interior structural mezzanines to Outdoor Equipment Platforms, SecurityCaging.com can help to custom design an ideal mezzanine system to integrate into your company’s daily activities. Metal Catwalks are also available products, and can help employees walk over machinery and other equipment or hazardous areas within a facility. Mezzanines can be utilized as heavy storage platforms to increase storage space, and protect sensitive equipment or machinery. Steel stair systems can align with your large equipment equipment access platforms to allow employees to reach high places and avoid accidentally hurting themselves or others. Modular Mezzanine offices are also available and are idea to expand and elevate your employee workspace. No matter the system your team is looking to integrate, contact SecurityCaging.com to discuss further.

Additional Floor Spaceinternational-vault-mezzanine

Our Mezzanine Systems will increase the floor space within your business. It does not matter if your business is within a warehouse or manufacturing facility, our engineers will accommodate your floor plan and design a system to fit your needs. Avoid having to move to a new location or expand your building, as those options can be costly. Our Mezzanine Systems offer an affordable and fast turnaround solution to your limited space problems! Instead of relocating or expanding your business, you can install our structural steel mezzanines as a cost-effective alternative. Take advantage of your unused space with our Mezzanine Systems.


Adding mezzanines to your business can be beneficial. The benefits of adding our mezzanine systems include the ability to create a second floor that will enable more office space, elevated storage space for equipment, increased productivity of your employees as they have additional space, and increased organizational capabilities within your facility. Our mezzanine systems are created with steel posts and add an additional level to your building. Not only is this a cost-effective and flexible option, but we also allow you to fully customize the shape, size, and color of powder coating for your mezzanine system. We adapt to your space, whether you need tons of mezzanine floor space or a small system, SecurityCaging.com will adapt to meet your company needs!

Increased Organization

If your current space struggles to stay organized, whether it’s due to lack of space or high volumes of inventory, our customizable mezzanine systems allow you to increase organizational capabilities! You can store items, create a new office space, or create alternate use spaces on these mezzanine systems. The options are endless. Our Mezzanine Systems come with various specialization options such as safety gates, ladders, stair systems, and other customizations for your business needs.

Meets Code Requirements

Our Mezzanine Systems meet your code requirements. If you are unsure what regulations or codes to abide by, our sales team will be glad to help guide your decision process. The two codes that we follow are IBC and OSHA. Our stair systems and guard rails also follow these codes and can also be customized to meet your local regulations. If looking for various lift systems, SecurityCaging.com also offers VRC, dumbwaiter, and material handling baskets. 

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