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Where our competitors ship components,
we provide security solutions.

At, we solve problems of storage, organization, safety, pilfering, restricted access, and more.

Our product delivers a strong deterrent to intrusion, is durable, and provides a high-end, professional appearance. is always the right choice. When you don’t want to leave security to chance, rely on the reputation of International Vault, our parent company, with almost 4 decades of experience supplying modular vaults and physical security solutions to clients, worldwide.

Versatile Security Options

Aerospace and Defense

Wire cages make an excellent contribution to aerospace inventory management systems. Aerospace is one of the most regulated industries in the world. Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) inventory, tools, and equipment must all be tightly monitored and tracked. Aerospace manufacturers must also account for all employee and contractor material and asset usage. Learn more on our Aerospace and Defense page.


Whether meeting the needs of the legal cannabis industry in Canada or medical marijuana in the U.S., cannabis supplies and products represent a high-value inventory demanding a professional security response. At Security Caging, we offer the solutions you need to protect your business from theft and pilfering. Learn more on our Medical Marijuana page.

Data Centers and Server Farms

High-tech security relies on wire caging to prevent unauthorized access to server racks in data centers and partition co-location areas devoted to specific clients. Security caging offers the benefits of allowing for the free circulation of conditioned air, keeping areas separate but visible and open to the types of inert gas fire suppression systems often employed in data facilities. Learn more on our Data Center and Server Farm page.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial production floors are busy and sometimes dangerous places. Wire mesh panels are often used to create machine guards, robotic cells, tool cribs, storage lockers, and to secure supply areas for high-value items like diamond and carbide router bits. Wire caging can also be used to provide security points for the entrance and clearing of outside personnel. Learn more on our Wire Cages in Manufacturing page.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Pharmacies and pharmaceutical production, medical facilities with high-value tools and supplies, and medical marijuana clinics are just a few of the health care facilities where security caging provides safe storage for a wide variety of supplies and inventory.

Because wire caging can be painted or powder-coated to appropriately match facility colors, lockers, partitions, and security cages offer a professional, custom appearance. Learn more on our Medical and Pharmaceutical page.

Military, Government, and Law Enforcement

Police departments use wire caging to design controlled access for weapons inventory, evidence storage rooms, holding cells, and more. Our security caging provides for high visibility, use of existing lighting and heating, and effective use of existing space. At, we provide unit storage cages and TA 50 gear lockers, meeting the rigorous standards required for military use. Our wire cages are designed with self-closing hinges and tamper-proof hardware. Customs and Border Patrol agents never know what they will come across. Everything from counterfeit goods and restricted items to illegal weapons. Our wire mesh caging provides secure enclosures and partitions for use by many government agencies, including Customs. Learn more on our Military, Government, and Law Enforcement page.


Cellular devices and various forms of communication technology are everywhere. The use of security caging within warehousing facilities and retail storefronts could deter theft as well as increase the organization of your business operation. Learn more on our Telecommunications page.


Our wire partitions are perfect for customizing warehouse space. They can create barriers between areas, or form enclosures by fitting panels against existing walls. At, our modular approach allows you to build wire cage walls all the way to the ceiling, as well as use the same panels to provide a secure wire mesh top to the enclosure.

Provide storage for high-value products, ranging from tools and machinery to bicycles and electronics. Secure sliding or hinged doors can be sized to permit foot or forklift traffic. Learn more on our Warehouse Wire Cages page.

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