Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding,

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Machine Guarding

Protect your Employees and Equipment

man welding needs machine guarding

Machine Guarding is a series of partitions that separate employees from potentially dangerous equipment. Incorporating these partitions into your factory, warehouse, or manufacturing facility could increase employee safety, as well as preserve equipment.

Often times warehouse or manufacturing equipment is potentially dangerous. By creating an initial barrier around these machines, accidents involving employees, managerial staff, and visitors can be avoided.

Whether the equipment you are guarding is automated or man-powered, these barriers will form a shield that prevents entry of unauthorized visitors.

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Specifications and Style Options

Whether your business application opts for the standard wire mesh machine guarding or a custom option for your operation, will assure your needs are exceeded.

Welding, heavy machinery, moving objects, and many other aspects of manufacturing could cause injury or accidents in the work place. Installing machine guarding around any potentially dangerous equipment will allow your employees and visitors to operate in an environment that is safe and conducive to productivity.

Sectioning off various types of machinery will also increase the operational workflow of your facility. The layout of a manufacturing facility is integral to the efficiency of a work area. By installing machine guarding around areas in a strategic fashion, various sections can be appointed according to their area of work.

  • Available in welded wire, woven wire, and perimeter guarding styles
  • 5′, 8′, 10′, 12′ standard heights with custom height options available
  • Service windows can be added
    • Generally used in driver cages
  • Easily customizable and reconfigurable

Machine guarding is an effective way to increase the safety of your warehouse or manufacturing facility. With many flexible options, you can ensure both your employees and machinery are protected and secure!

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