Wire Mesh Partitions VS Chain Link Fencing

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August 25, 2020
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September 21, 2020
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Wire Mesh Partitions VS Chain Link Fencing

Wire mesh partitions and chain link fencing are generally categorized to serve the similar purposes; secure storage of various items and area dividers. By installing wire mesh security caging or chain link fencing,  you are creating a visual barrier that will deter theft and mitigate risk of the items or valuable assets that are stored behind the partition or security cage. Various levels of security can be achieved with the inclusion of both chain link and wire mesh partitions, however there are major differences between these two options in regards to resilience, aesthetics, and durability.


In terms of security, wire mesh partitions win over chain link. Chain link fencing is easier to cut, unravel, and takes much less time to breach than its wire mesh counterpart. Welded wire mesh is individually welded at each intersection. Due to this feature, multiple sections of wire mesh would have to be cut, bent, and misshapen to allow for access into the secured area. Having to intrude through several areas of the wire mesh makes unauthorized entry through wire mesh products time consuming. The probability for chain link areas to be broken into is much higher than for areas exhibiting the strength of wire mesh security.

Cost Efficiency

While chain link fencing may seem like the most cost efficient option up front, the ratio of price to durability is high. Wire mesh partitions are very competitive with chain link in terms of price, however the quality and durability offered by this option surpasses the chain link fencing route. Various contractors and commercial builders recognize the benefits of wire mesh partitions over chain link fencing due to the frequency of replacement required to keep chain link products functional. Security Caging by International Vault offers individuals looking for a superior, top of the line product, the ability to migrate from the standard chain link fencing, to a more durable, secure wire mesh product.

Ease of Installation

Installing wire mesh partitions and cages is simple. By configuring and arranging panels during our engineering phase, our crew has specific drawings of panel locations during the entirety of the on-site assembly. If there are field-cuts or other in-field alterations to be made to the material for a perfect fit, these can be easily completed with wire mesh partitions through use of special tools designed for wire mesh alterations. Whether working around HVAC ducts or existing obstructions, wire mesh partitions and security caging can be field modified to fit the needs of your facility. Installation of chain link fencing is much more difficult. Considering it is a woven material, if any field modifications are necessary, the process takes twice the time and energy. Over time and stress of the material, if sections of wire mesh partitions are damaged or need replacing, individual sections can be removed and replaced with new material with little effort. In the event that chain link fencing needs to be replaced, the entire system generally has to be removed in order to correct the damage or issue.

Modular and Configurable

Chain link fencing is heavy, cumbersome, and is not necessarily a modular and configurable product. If your location is seeking a customizable and configurable secure storage solution, take a look into the wide variety of options security caging is capable of. The wire mesh panels are rigid and offer more support than chain link, however are modular and can fit into any space. Choosing between wire mesh types, panel sizes, elevations, post width, door types, lock types, and much more, the system that is ideal for your new or existing facility may be more advanced than the normal chain link fencing you envisioned.

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