Cannabis Security Caging

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December 10, 2020
Security Caging Installations
Security Caging Installations
January 5, 2021

How to protect your cannabis business

Security Cages for the Cannabis Industry

Meet and exceed the state and federal requirements for product and cash storage

The security of a Cannabis business is one of the main ingredients for success within the industry. Establishing the state and federal requirements necessary for security, applying for necessary licenses and permits, and execution of each piece of the puzzle may seem overwhelming. Security Caging by International Vault and International Vault are ready to make the secure storage portion of your project simple. With thousands of modular vaults and security cages complete in the cannabis industry, our expert team is well equipped to ensure your vault or cage is compliant with insurance requirements and the high standards of your company.

Preventing loss of product and cash and deterring external and internal theft is possible by installing and coordinating modular vaults and security caging. Both physical and visual theft deterrents, vaults and cages are an essential component of an efficient, secure, and thriving cannabis operation.

Equipped to outfit Cultivation, Processing, and Retail facilities

From cultivation to retail, our vault and cage systems are customizable to accommodate any volume, type, or quantity of product or cash. Several of our customers have explored a combination of vaults and caging in their locations. By installing security cages on the inside of a vault, different storage areas are achievable. Securing the exterior of a vault with a layer of security caging can add additional protection to your business’ assets. These cages are modular and can be configured to meet the needs of your cannabis facility.

Technology Integration

Electronic access is a feature of both our security caging and modular vaults that has been incredibly popular and beneficial to our clients. Allowing for monitoring and tracking of traffic in and out of a secure storage area, internal theft is drastically reduced and easily identified. Incorporating our card reader access with your facility’s software interface will enable record of entry for the individuals with access into these secure areas. Keeping a log of this data is a very useful tool for inventory and other systematic counts.

DEA and Health Canada Compliant

DEA and Health Canada compliance is generally required and desired for security caging in cannabis applications. Addition of hydraulic door closers, growth channels for a flush to floor system, and upgraded tamper-proof hardware is provided when purchasing a DEA or Health Canada compliant system through Security Caging by International Vault.

Our team at Security Caging by International Vault is devoted to a turnkey customer experience. If your facility is just getting started or is seeking upgraded secure storage for product or cash, contact us to learn more about our products and turnkey security cage systems!

Call Security Caging by International Vault today at 919-742-3132 to learn more about security cages and talk to an expert about devising a comprehensive secure storage plan.