Collecting “Relevant” Information

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August 3, 2020
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Collecting Information

How Do I Collect “Good Information”?

Information collection can be daunting, especially when you are not an expert in the industry. Correctly measuring the area of installation, taking good pictures, and including relevant information about the location of installation are incredibly important to the success of a project. Whether a vault or a security cage, there are several aspects to information collection that are necessary from the customer’s end. Ensuring accurate interior dimensions including information regarding elevation changes, clarifying any obstructions that may inhibit easy installation, and other external factors that would affect the security cage or vault from fitting perfectly in the desired location of your building need to be communicated during the planning process.

Avoid Change Orders by Providing Detailed Information

Lack of acknowledgement of potential issues during the design and planning phases could result in incorrect measurements, insufficient information regarding access to the install site, and ultimately change orders that may increase the overall cost and project duration. Keeping your project on schedule and on budget are our priority! Obtaining viable and accurate information from our customers during the design stages allows us to do so.

Accuracy of Measurements & Clear Pictures

What constitutes good, useful information? Properly measuring the area of installation based off of the desired interior dimensions of the system is a great place to start. When providing interior dimensions, make sure to account for the wall thickness of the vault or security caging to avoid ordering a system that is too large for the available space. Taking pictures of the space, as well as providing the dimensions of the room itself, can prevent miscommunication and promote accurate measurements and information. When taking pictures to send to our expert vault and security caging design teams, make sure the entire room is accounted for and that the images are clear. By visually indicating any obstructions, elevation changes, or points of reduced access to the install site through pictures, our team can predict any potential dimension or specification discrepancies and recommend various solutions to help your project progress smoothly.

Transparency throughout Project Duration

Site access hours are also crucial for our team to know when scheduling a vault or security caging installation. Understanding various permitting regulations, inspection requirements, weekend site access, and work hours during the week may affect our scheduling. Providing this information prior to confirming and locking in installation dates will allow our team to fully prepare our products, labor, and necessary documents prior to arrival to site. Transparency is key. We assist with every step of the purchasing process of your vault or security caging system. By providing relevant, accurate information, our team will be able to assist with your project in full capacity.

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