Security Caging Installations

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December 28, 2020
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January 20, 2021
Security Caging Installations

Installation of Security Caging

Security Caging by International Vault offers supply only and installed security cage systems. Depending on your company’s needs and capabilities, some contractors and businesses opt to complete their own installations. Others choose a turnkey secure storage install experience and have Security Caging by International Vault’s experienced crew complete the installation and assembly. No matter if you desire our team to install or not, knowing the type of offload and installation necessary is important!

Facility Access

Different types of facilities have varying access. Whether installing a security cage in a warehouse or retail location, every facility has its own unique access. Loading docks, roll-up doors, and open install sites have the ability for an easy access scenario. Retail, offices, and smaller facilities are typically more of a hand access installation. Determining the type of access into your facility for security caging installs may have influence on if a site visit is necessary and exactly how much information is needed to provide a comprehensive installation price.

Easy Access

If your facility is classified as an “open” location with a loading dock, roll-up doors, or forklift access, an easy installation is likely. Having the ability to offload material with use of a forklift allows our crew to quickly and efficiently move material into place for assembly. Communicating with our expert team about forklift access in the facility will help us devise a plan for install and what equipment will be useful for material offload and installation.

Hand Access

In tough to access areas, hand access installs may be required. This install scenario is most frequently used in areas with tight hallways, restricted entry, and no forklift access. Carrying security cage panels by hand, this installation is a bit more time consuming than easy access installations. During the information collection of a cage project, transparency about potential hand access is important. Understanding the potential challenges of access into an install location will enable our team to choose the best route into the facility, through the building, and into the install site. Dimensions of doorways, hallways, and stairwell locations are very useful pieces of the puzzle.

Combination Access

Often times, facilities have a combination of hand and easy access. Some warehouses have loading docks that enable forklift access for the offload of material, however exhibit a more challenging pathway to the actual desired cage location. Comprehension of the ins and outs of a install will reduce installation delays and will enable a quicker, more efficient installation of your secure storage cage. Other retail and store-type locations have restricted entry into the building, however offer forklift access through basement doors or other openings.

Speak to a Security Caging expert about the type of installation required for your facility! Thinking and planning ahead will enable a faster, more effective security cage installation. Call Security Caging by International Vault today at 919-742-3132 to learn more and discover what type of information is necessary to determine installation access for your security cage.