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September 29, 2020
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Secure Transport Assets

Securing Assets During Transportation

Utilizing Secure Storage Areas During Transit To Their Final Destination

Secure transportation is an important aspect for businesses in a variety of industries. Whether financial, pharmaceutical, logistics or cannabis related, the valuable assets involved in each of these applications require protection to ensure a successful, operational business.

Proving Reliability, Verification of Certifications, and Recommendations

Finding a reliable secure transport company should be based off a list of criteria. Selecting a company that has extensive experience in the industry is a key component to ensuring the safe, secure transportation of goods. Being familiar with the methods of transportation will eliminate improper handling of products during transportation and mobilization.

Verifying the secure transport company has obtained proper licenses, meets insurance requirements, and possesses all necessary credentials is also critical. Without proper licenses and other compliance standards, your company’s assets may be compromised or put at risk. Checking with the company directly or through a trusted source is the most effective way to double check the validity of licenses and credentials.

Reading reviews and asking other individuals in the industry about their experience with a company can also assist in the decision-making process. If other people in the industry have had successful interactions and experiences with a company, chances are your business will also have positive encounters.

Confirmation of In-Transit Secure Storage

Does the company have intermediary areas where valuable items are taken prior to reaching their destination? If so, are there secure storage areas where goods are kept ensuring safety throughout the entire transportation? If they do have a secure storage area, will it meet the requirements of your industry regulations for the product or asset you are having transported? These are important questions to ask prior to selecting a secure transport company. If there will be stops along the way to a destination, you will want to ensure that proper security precautions are taken during the entirety of transport. Whether the asset being transported needs to be stored in wire security caging or a vault, ensuring the company you choose has access to these secure storage systems should be a determining factor in the transport company ultimately chosen.

A secure transport company should have access to a storage vault, wire mesh caging system, or both. Holding valuable assets and merchandise within these secured areas will increase the safety of products throughout the entirety of transport. Ensuring the vault or cage is compliant with GSA/UL/DEA standards for the storage of items in your industry is also an essential part of this process. Without proper compliant storage, items could be stolen or lost during transport.

Asking these important questions prior to choosing a transportation company to securely move your products and valuable assets will increase the safety of the inventory. Lack of conducting an analysis of a potential business partner who will be handling a major portion of your business may put your company at risk. By analyzing information, asking questions, and speaking to others about their experiences with a secure storage company, you can mitigate risk and prevent loss of product.

Discover Safe, Secure Transport Methods By Installing Security Caging and Modular Vaults

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