Site Visits and Field Verification

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November 9, 2020
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December 28, 2020

Site Visits and Field Verification

Measuring for Accuracy and Precision

When architects and general contractors share bid documents and plans for a project, often times there are aspects of the construction process that are unaccounted for. Whether dimensions are incorrect or other obstructions are inhibiting free and clear access into the install area, visiting a job site is always helpful to ensure our install crew is prepared for unexpected challenges. Installing security cages, no matter the size, requires conceptualization of the space and various levels of design development. Engineering the actual cage, as well as how the cage will fit the space in the most functional and efficient way, is possible through completion of field verification.

Understanding Potential Install Complications

Incorrect Dimensions

Mistakes happen! During review of both professional architectural plans and hand sketches, we find errors and various discrepancies with site and cage details. Mobilizing our expert crew to field verify measurements indicated on initial drawing sets confirms correct dimensions and eliminates ill fitting caging during installation. Specifications and dimensions can be vague in preliminary drawings. Site visits and field measuring drastically reduce the chances of ordering imperfect security caging for your space.

Obstructions in Area of Install

Completing site visits will give our expert cage install crew the ability to qualify any areas of obstructions in and around the install site. HVAC ducts, sprinkler pipes, and unlevel floors/ceilings may affect the way we build, order, and install the security caging in your facility. Beams and other stationary structural components of a building could potentially cause for custom panel and post sizes. Making a quick trip to the installation site will give our design and engineering team the information they need to include these factors within our plan for your wire mesh cage.

Access into Building

Often times, forklifts and other heavy equipment are needed to move crates, pallets, and caging around a job site. Without visiting the installation site, our team may be left in the dark regarding accessibility within a facility. Locating loading docks, areas of entry, and the most efficient path to maneuver the site will enable a more efficient and effective unloading and installation process. Determining these details and devising a game plan for install will reduce the time necessary to complete the project and make your cage functional, quicker!

Functional Layout

A plan is merely a plan. With thousands of cages installed, our team is well-equipped to assist you in deciding the best course of action in regards to your future secure storage cage. Determining cage size, door type and swing, lock type, and several other factors with our design team and confirming on site with our crew may increase the functionality of your security caging system. Visiting site may also be helpful in understanding if existing walls may be used in conjunction with your cage, thus eliminating material and making for a more cost effective solution.

Completing site visits and field verifying wire mesh caging is an easy way to make sure your secure storage system is perfect for your facility.

Call on our expert security caging engineering, design, and installation team, 919-742-3132, to assist with field verifying your new security caging system!