Wire Mesh in Academia

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September 2, 2021
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Wire Mesh - Academia

Wire Mesh in Academia 

Universities, Schools, and various Academic facilities around the world are requiring intensive secure storage practices to ensure the safety of their students and employees. Tragic current events occurring nationwide involving violence at universities and schools have shown us that increased safety measures are vital to the protection of the world’s future scholars. The addition of wire mesh partitions for multiple applications in the Academic world is an added layer of security for various purposes around campus or facilities. At SecurityCaging.com we are dedicated to providing high-quality, durable products that will help ensure the safety of people, property, and assets.

Restricting Access to Unauthorized Personnel and Visitors

SecurityCaging by International Vault offers a wide range of security caging products that can boost safety in multiple locations around a campus or facility. From stairwell partitions to other entryway enclosures and partitions, implementing an additional physical barrier made from our durable steel mesh limits access for unauthorized personnel or visitors from entering the facility without proper verification. Stairwell partitions limit access to various levels of a facility, including restricting roof access or other potentially dangerous areas for students and employees. Universities and other educational facilities alike can not only protect their students and employees by introducing wire mesh partitions but can give students and employees confidence that they are safe, secure and in a calm protected environment in their classroom, ready to learn.

Athletic Enclosures & Lockers 

As a proud student, parent, or employee of any academic institution, athletics are a great way to show your school spirit and support your team and peers. While athletics can seem like all fun and games, proper and comprehensive security measures are essential to protecting students and patrons. As a superior chain link alternative, entryway enclosures limit access to only ticketed visitors and keep potentially dangerous persons or freeloaders out. Athletic and maintenance enclosures are also beneficial locked storage areas that protect equipment and tools from theft or from potentially risky situations.

Wire mesh athletic lockers are an attractive and heightened security option for athletes and coaches to store their belongings and gear. With multiple lock options, colors, and finishes to tailor to your facility’s exact needs, SecurityCaging.com’s expert sales team will help you custom-design a locker system that not only protects but proves to be an attractive inclusion in any equipment storage area. 


Irreplaceable first editions and sensitive research easily can be safely stored and secured by our wire mesh security cages. Conceal precious materials from the public eye with the addition of our visual barriers to prevent theft and boost efficiency and assurance during inventory counts. The inclusion of various wire mesh partitions in a library or storage area desiring limited access will help to boost protection and restrict unauthorized entry. 

Laboratory Storage 

Each university or institution typically houses some form of laboratory, including chemistry labs, veterinarian labs, or medical research labs. Wire mesh partitions can be configured in any layout to house chemicals, prescriptions, and high-dollar equipment and materials. SecurityCaging.com will work with you to design a secure caging system tailored to the level of security needed for the materials stored. From keyed locks to biometric access, customize your cage to perfectly suit your facility’s needs. 

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