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April 15, 2021
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Communications and IT Cages

Cages in the Communication and IT Industries

High Value Communication Asset Protection

Physical security within the Communication and IT industries has increased dramatically over the last decade. Within increased technology and higher value devices utilized in the every day operations of these businesses, securing these assets is important for success and functionality. Televisions, cell phones, circuit boards, servers, and several other types of electronic hardware need to be protected from theft and tampering. Companies can achieve the security of these high value assets in many ways, one of these solutions is with wire mesh security caging.

Partitions and Cages

As a cost-effective, viable secure storage solution, wire mesh security caging is easily designed and installed for use in Communication and IT applications. Ranging from single partition walls to fully enclosed cage systems, wire mesh is an adaptable, modular, and secure way to make sure devices and electronics are contained and stored in a safe environment. Reducing theft and tampering, wire mesh caging systems are customizable and have the capability to expand, be reconfigured, and even move locations. Various technology focused companies require a single partition wall or series of partitions for their facilities to store different types of electronic hardware. Installing these partitions flush to the floor and ceiling, these businesses are easily able to deter theft and protect the high-tech gadgets from harm.

Varying Access Capabilities

Compatibility with an existing card reader or fob system is no problem. If your company utilizes an electronic access system within your facility, Security Caging by International Vault can provide a lock recommendation, whether a mag lock or electric strike component, that will align with the current access system in order to maximize convenience and security of this security inclusion. Standard keyed locks and padlock arrangements are also available for access control. Learn more about our lock options!

Sizes for Storage of Any Scale

Security Caging by International Vault offers custom security cages for any sized project. From single partition walls to intricate data center cage arrangements, our design and engineering team can tackle any sized layout! Offering standard and custom sized panels and doors, our products can even be accommodated in tough to fit areas. Check out our customizable cage options! Not only is our team equipped to design and engineer cages and partition systems of any size, we also install. Security Caging offers a turnkey process for easy secure storage upgrade execution!

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