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September 25, 2020
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October 5, 2020
Secure Record Storage

Warehousing Applications and Record Storage

Securing sensitive data and information is a priority for many industries. Technology, Military, Government, and general storage companies will find that securing confidential information and valuable assets is essential to their field of work. Employing safes and other smaller forms of secure storage are great solutions when the volume of stored items is minimal. However, when the volume of stored items increases, the space needed for secure storage also increases. Security caging and modular vaults are a larger alternative to safes and enable the storage of a higher volume of contents.

Determining the best solution for your company’s sensitive storage can be based off a list of criteria:
  • What are you storing?
  • How much volume of this item/information is being stored?
  • Are there any insurance requirements that need to be met in order to maintain compliance of storage?
  • Are there any direct threats to the security of these items that should be considered?
    • i.e. fire, theft.

Understanding the best course of action for purchasing, installing, and utilizing a secure storage system starts with these questions. By prioritizing the safety of the information, data, or product being stored, your company can drastically reduce the risk associated with product or information loss. Loss, tampering, or destruction of confidential information can be tragic for a business. Whether stolen, damaged, or compromised, any product or data loss has the potential to alter company operations.

Monitor Traffic Around Sensitive Information

Several facilities in a wide variety of applications install security caging and modular security vaults for confidential record storage. Protecting against unauthorized intrusion, fires, and other external threats, modular vault systems offer the highest level of secure room protection for high volume storage. Security caging systems, modular vault panels, a vault door, and the addition of a day gate will allow traffic in and out of the secured area to be monitored and tracked by an electronic system. Deterring internal and external theft, protecting from hazardous fire and weather conditions, and creating a safe environment for storage is possible through installation of an International Vault storage solution.

Town halls, information management facilities, and buildings operating within the judicial branch all contain sensitive information and data. Protecting these records is crucial to the confidentiality of several aspects within our communities and government. If this information were to be compromised in any manner, it may influence and put a vast network of companies and individuals at risk. Installing security caging or a modular vault system will eliminate risk and create secure practices within your facility. Protection of records, information, and ultimately employees and clients should be your facility’s priority.

Within a secure storage cage or vault, the space is customizable. Installing shelving, file cabinets, or any other organizational tool is possible. Whether for the storage of weapons, confidential files, or precious metals,  security caging and modular vaults offer incredible protection while maintaining the flexibility of a modular system. These security cages and vaults have the capability to be moved and expanded, allowing your secure storage area to grow and move with your business or facility.

Learning more about Security Caging by International Vault’s security caging and modular vault systems is easy. Visit our product page or contact us to discover how our secure storage systems will increase your security and peace of mind!