Tenant Storage Lockers

Tenant Storage Lockers,
By SecurityCaging.com.

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Tenant Storage Lockers

Individual, Personalized Storage for Residential Complexes

Tenant storage lockers by SecurityCaging.com enable any residential housing facility to offer personal storage lockers for their residents. Generally located in a parking garage or other storage area, residents are able to rent a storage locker and place personal items in a safe, secure place outside of their immediate living space.

These lockers are a great way to utilize vacant space within a residential community, with the ability to charge a monthly or annual fee for renting. Most of the time, complex owners will earn back their initial investment on the lockers, merely through renting, within one year of installation.

Not only are these lockers a great investment, but they are also a great addition for residents of a multiple-family housing community.

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Specifications and Style Options

These tenant storage lockers feature standard ten gauge 2″ x 2″ square welded wire mesh.

  • Single Tier
    • Walk-in systems
    • 3′ or 4′ door option
    • 3′, 4′, 5′ depths available
    • 7’6″ in height
  • Double Tier
    • Great for limited spaced areas
    • Same width and depth as single tier
    • 3’9″ in height for each locker
    • 7’6″ total height
  • Keep your residents organized and clutter-free
  • Ceiling and floor panels available
  • Shelving and back panels are also available
  • Easy visibility inside of lockers

All of the doors found in this locker system are pre-hung and welded, thus making them easy to configure.

Residents of any complex will love the added space these lockers provide. Allowing the storage of outdoor equipment and other items you generally would store in a garage, tenant lockers are a great alternative for buildings with limited space for storage outside of immediate living areas.

If you are seeking an easy investment to incorporate into your apartment or senior living complex, consider installing wire mesh tenant storage lockers.

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