Protecting a Cannabis Business

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January 7, 2020
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Protecting a Cannabis Business

Securing the Assets and Product that Mean the Most

Over the last decade, the Cannabis industry has made its mark in both the U.S. and Canadian economies. Reaching almost 300,000 full-time employment opportunities, the market for both medical and recreational cannabis has skyrocketed. Licenses are being issued at regular intervals and new companies are breaking the ice with medical and recreational consumers daily. States are discussing how Cannabis will affect their dynamics, and many are opting to gradually decriminalize and begin to legalize in some way, shape, or form. So, how do these companies stay protected and secure while operating a predominantly cash business? Vaults, safes, security caging, and other forms of secure storage. Protecting product and cash is essential to running a successful dispensary, grow, processing, or testing facility.

No matter the size of your Cannabis business, proper and reliable security is a must

At International Vault, Inc., we physically secure valuable assets, from finished Cannabis product, (oils, concentrates, or flower), to “waste product” used for extraction. Our products are tested and proven to deter coordinated attacks by professional burglars. IV offers smaller cash storage options, in order to keep cash odor-free. We have custom and modular solutions that meet the needs of the Cannabis industry.

Protect against break ins

Several recent dispensary break ins have been detrimental to Cannabis entrepreneurs. By taking precautionary measures with both merchandise and assets throughout the day, your business can avoid falling victim to such horrific crimes. In addition to the inclusion of cameras and other physical security measures, a safe or vault is an effective and efficient way to increase the overall security of a Cannabis business. In many cases vaults or safes are required for insurance purposes and/or compliant with state or federal regulations. Vault Door is typically opened and closed in conjunction with business operating hours, once in morning and once in the evening. Utilizing a day gate is a quick and secure way to deter theft and monitor vault traffic through use of an electronic strike in and out of the vault, without having to throw the vault combination lock multiple times per day.

Compliant with D.E.A and Health Canada standards

The D.E.A and Health Canada both require Burglary Resistant storage for finished MMJ product, MMJ waste, and cash accumulated from distributor sales. Cash should not be stored in the same vault as MMJ product due to smell transfer and a diminishing desire of that specific cash for bank use. Separating cash and product will also increase the security of both assets.

International Vault has UL 608 ratings for storage of MMJ and cash. Our modular vaults have prior approvals form Health Canada and the D.E.A. The UL 608 Scope covers the requirements for vault doors and the modular precast concrete or LMV lightweight laminated panels which comprise the vault floors, walls, and ceilings. All our Modular Vault systems are available in Megacrete and Lightweight styles for slab on grade and weight restricted applications, respectively. Typical lead time is 4 to 6 weeks delivery from approval of the Modular Vault plan.

If you are a new or existing Cannabis business and do not have a secure storage plan for product or cash, the security of your facility may be at risk. Installing over 2700 vaults in the Cannabis industry, International Vault has extensive experience regarding compliance, design, and installation complexities.

Turnkey solutions for both existing and new Cannabis Businesses

International Vault has manufactured and installed security systems in the US and Canada for over four decades to ensure the utmost protection for all types of residential and business applications. We offer turnkey, white glove secure storage solutions for cannabis cultivation, product manufacturing, or retail dispensaries.

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