Repurposing Existing Facilities

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September 21, 2020
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Repurposing Existing Facilities

How Several Industries are Adapting Existing Real Estate to Fit the Needs of Their Business

Real estate is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. In every industry, making sure your facility is functional for the nature of your business (whether retail, manufacturing, or other operations) is essential to being effective. Choosing the right location for your company could mean repurposing an existing building instead of constructing a new, ideal facility.  Through repurposing a building, your company will be able to modify various elements of the interior and exterior of the facility in order to make it as functional for your operations as possible. By including additions such as mezzanines, security caging, and vaults to this new location, even a repurposed building can prove to be an excellent fit for your business!


Various warehouses are often converted into manufacturing and processing facilities. For example, Cannabis companies seek warehouses as they offer ample space for cultivation and extraction purposes. High ceilings and the ability to build up, mezzanines are a great option for warehouse repurposing. Adding a second level by installing a mezzanine will increase storage and work space while preserving the space on the first floor for other operations. Mezzanines are customizable and come in a variety of different sizes to fit your repurposed warehouse space no matter the industry.

Security Caging

Used as a secure storage area, room divider, barrier around staircases and mezzanines and much more, Security Caging and Wire Mesh Partitions serve multiple purposes. Whether your company is planning to repurpose an old office building that needs a security cage for valuable inventory or a warehouse that needs a barrier on the mezzanine level, Security Caging by International Vault can assist with recommending and designing a series of wire mesh partitions that will increase the efficiency and safety of your repurposed location. Read more about our security caging products here.


Several industries and applications require additional secure storage than just security caging. When searching for a facility for your business that requires heightened security, many companies choose to purchase a bank or warehouse. Purchasing an existing bank may seem like a win-win in terms of already having a vault, but knowing the age of the vault door and burglary resistance rating of the walls is crucial. Frequently, existing vault doors and panels are out of compliance with UL or GSA making these “secure areas” non-compliant in terms of insurance. Allowing International Vault to renovate the existing vault and ensure utmost security will make your facility repurpose successful.

Speaking with one of our security experts about repurposing an existing facility for your business could make all the difference! Contact us  or call 919-742-3132  to discover how Security Caging, Mezzanines, and Vaults can elevate any facility in any industry!