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Designed with modular customization in mind, our wire partitions are ready to be what you need them to be. Our panels are stackable, providing for fast installation and a building block approach. These systems are secure, with bolts accessible only from the inside and flexible, able to be assembled in single wall, two wall, three, and four wall configurations.

Residential Security Caging

In the United States, close to half of the population of renters live in apartment complexes. To no surprise, as this form of residential housing continues to boom, apartment square footage is only decreasing due to high volumes of tenants.

Tenant storage lockers are spacious, customizable, wire mesh lockers designed to store and protect tenants’ additional personal items that their apartment space might not allow for. With less square footage, storing larger boxes or items not necessarily used every day becomes a challenge, and will have your valued residents on the hunt for apartments with more room for their belongings.

An Invaluable Asset to Your Complex

When deciding what storage system suits your complex best, wire mesh tenant storage lockers are cost-efficient and have an expedited return on investment. Tenant storage lockers are fabricated from durable steel wire mesh to prevent theft and deterioration of the units, designed to withstand moisture or any weathering. Typical lockers include single walk-in units, and for high-density situations, apartment complexes can utilize double-tier tenant storage lockers. 

With a variety of customizable components, can help you design a tenant storage locker system that is the exact finish, color, and design to your preference and needs. 

Why choose a tenant storage locker over a storage unit?

One of the reasons apartment living has become so enticing in urban areas is accessibility and convenience. People enjoy having their coffee shop, grocery store, or park all within walking distance. Tenant storage lockers offer 24-hour easy accessibility to a resident’s own personal secure storage area, without the need to leave the building. Cost-effective and space-efficient, the implementation of tenant storage lockers will undoubtedly take your complex to the next level.

Bike Storage & Trash Enclosures

Wire mesh for residential application is beneficial beyond the tenant storage realm. Bike storage is an increasingly popular demand for renters, especially in larger complexes with high-rise units. Fabricated from the same durable steel as our tenant storage lockers, offers single or double-tier bike storage systems allowing for the secure storage of multiple bikes at a time. Tenants can trust their bike is safe and properly stored, and superintendents can boost income by renting out individual slots to tenants.

Trash enclosures for apartment complexes are a visually appealing and great physical deterrent to unwanted furry visitors or any other kind of scavenger who may be digging through your tenant’s trash. Trash enclosures secure your waste area and eliminate spillage and chaos throughout the trash pick-up or drop-off process. Nobody likes seeing stinky garbage strewn about near their home, and trash enclosures are the perfect solution to giving you the power and control of when and who is using your waste services. Prevent illegal dumping from outside visitors, and have a secure area that can be organized for recycling and waste pick-up with ease. Trash enclosures can be customized to suit your facility’s spatial and aesthetic needs. Give our sales team a call today to get started on securing your complex with wire mesh!

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