Evidence and Sensitive Record Storage

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Evidence Storage

Evidence and Sensitive Record StoragePolice Officers

Why securing evidence and confidential records is important

Security of record and evidence storage is a must for storing sensitive information. Evidence storage for police and other law enforcement agencies is an incredibly important factor within our justice system. Without proper security of these different forms of data and information, aspects of criminal activity may be skewed and tampering of evidence may occur. Depending on what you are storing, security vaults or security caging may be needed in order to meet certain requirements of the DEA or another federally regulated body.

Monitor traffic within secure areas

Ensuring these secure storage areas are restricted and only allow access of credentialed individuals is also important for protecting the evidence of various criminal or civil engagements. For example, if an unauthorized person is granted access to these areas, evidence containing incriminating forensic data may be compromised. Fingerprints and other forms of DNA could be left by this unauthorized individual, causing for confusion and unusable evidence in the court of law.

Eliminate Risk of Evidence or Record Tampering

Ensuring all of this sensitive information is protected begins with identifying what data is classified as sensitive. Once you have categorized information, hard evidence, or data as sensitive or non-sensitive, your agency can implement appropriate plans for each array of data. Creating separate spaces for sensitive and non-sensitive data will not only increase security, but also organization and efficiency of storage. By securing sensitive data and monitoring traffic into the storage area from the beginning of evidence storage, tampering and evidence loss is minimized. Incorporating modular security vaults or caging systems into the security program within your law enforcement or other evidence storing agency will deter theft and disruptive alterations of physical evidence.

Installing Security Caging or Modular Vault Systems

Securing evidence and confidential records is possible through the installation of a security caging or vault system. Visit internationalvault.com to learn more about our vault systems.

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