Promoting Safe and Desirable Multifamily Complex Living

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February 25, 2022
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Promoting Safe and Desirable Multifamily Complex Living

Are you considering purchasing a multi-family living complex such as apartments or condominiums? Do you already own multi-family living facilities and want to increase amenities? Outfitting these facilities with Wire Mesh Storage lockers, Bike Racks, and other secure storage areas will increase tenant retention and morale! These complexes are home to hundreds of different people and are generally located in popular sections of towns and cities. Implementing safety and promoting desirability of these facilities is critical to gaining new lessees and re-signing existing tenants. By installing wire mesh lockers, bike racks, and other amenities for tenant use, you are increasing the desirability of your complex!

Wire Mesh Lockers

Apartments and condominiums typically do not offer ample storage space within units. By designing residential storage areas within these facilities, your tenants will have an alternate storage area available to them 24/7. Seasonal decorations, athletic gear, and other bulky items typically stored in a garage or mudroom are not items you want hanging inside your main living areas. Installing wire mesh tenant lockers in these alternate storage areas will increase storage space per tenant, while securing and organizing each individual’s items within a designated locker.

While there is an initial capital investment, most complexes are able to recoup the costs associated with locker materials and installation within one year by renting these units to tenants at normal rates. This quick ROI makes for a fabulous amenity addition to any complex. Tenants are sure to love these proxy storage spaces, both for their functionality and heightened security.

Bike Racks

Bike Storage

Bike racks are another great inclusion for multi-family complexes. As active lifestyles and transportation become increasingly more popular, we have seen an increase in the number of bikes on the road. From the avid cyclist

to the daily commuter, bikes are an essential tool for many residents. Offering an organized and space saving way of securely storing bikes will satisfy tenants, eliminate hazardous bike storage, and will increase the security

and safety of bike storage in general. Bike racks are ideal for complexes in any location and are configurable based off the existing facility layout. These units are applicable even to existing facilities looking to upgrade their offerings and organization. Contact our team to take a look at our available bike rack options and devise a game plan perfect for your complex!


The amenities included within your facility may be the determining factor to some potential tenants. Many young professionals, families, and active lifestyle participants seek these features in a living complex. Incorporating these wire mesh locker and bike rack areas, you can add significant value to your property. Even if you have an older complex, this can be an easy, quick way to upgrade without significant time or investment. Think, plan, and execute your residential storage and bike rack areas today with!

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