Bicycle Storage

Bicycle Storage
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At, we solve problems of storage, organization, safety, pilfering, restricted access, and more.

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Bicycle Storage

For Organization and Bike Protection

Storing bicycles can be cumbersome, especially in apartment situations or other areas where multiple bikes are stored in the same location. Instead of opting for a traditional bike rack, offers two types of storage racks to organize, store, and protect multiple bikes.

Whether installed on a college campus or in a big city, these bicycle racks are a great addition to any location where bikes are a main form of transportation, exercise, or extracurricular activity.

Space saving and ideal for organization offers two types of bicycle storage, the Bike Stacker and the Wall Rider. The Bike Stacker is the larger option, but offers a two tiered method of storage to house more bikes. The Wall Rider option allows more personal wall storage of bikes without the two tier factor of the Bike Stacker. Smaller and taking up much less square footage of a storage room, the Wall Rider is ideal for areas that need to maximize their storage capacity.

Bike Stacker:

This option is great for space limited areas such as condominiums, apartments, and senior living residencies.

The Bike Stacker offers:

  • Double tiered bike storage
  • Accommodation of all bike sizes
  • Users can use their own personal lock
  • Range of sizes:
    • 8 bikes (5′ wide x 5′ 8″ deep)
    • 10 bikes (6′ wide x 5′ 8″ deep)
    • 12 bikes (7′ wide x 5′ 8″ deep)
    • 14 bikes (8′ wide x 5′ 8″ deep)

Wall Rider:

For off the floor bicycle storage.

  • Cost effective option for bicycle storage
  • Increases organization of bikes
  • Precision laser cut
  • Made of 1/8″ thick steel
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Heavy duty 1/4″ aircraft quality 5′ cable
    • Loop at free end for user’s lock
  • Vinyl coating on cable protects bicycle finish and prevents scuffing or scratching of bicycle

Perfect for tenant storage areas, college campuses, and residential housing complexes!

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