Wire Mesh Stairwell Partitions

Wire Mesh Stairwell Partitions
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At SecurityCaging.com, we solve problems of storage, organization, safety, pilfering, restricted access, and more.

Our product delivers a strong deterrent to intrusion, is durable, and provides a high-end, professional appearance. SecurityCaging.com is always the right choice. When you don’t want to leave security to chance, rely on the reputation of International Vault, our parent company, with almost 4 decades of experience supplying modular vaults and physical security solutions to clients, worldwide.

Wire Mesh Stairwell Partitions

From apartment buildings, parking garages, offices, to universities and various educational facilities security is a critical component in pedestrian safety. Wire mesh stairwell guarding is essential to preventing unauthorized visitors from gaining access to stairwells leading to private residences, personal and commercial vehicle storage in multi-level garages, and many other applications. Trust SecurityCaging.com to provide your facility with the highest quality security products to protect and secure your stairwell areas.

Why Wire Mesh?

When choosing what materials you’ll incorporate to protect your facility, wire mesh is a top-of-the-line choice. Fabricated from durable heavy-duty steel, wire mesh caging systems are a superior product to incorporate when outfitting your facility. As an exceptional deterrent to theft and intrusion, count on your caging system to provide security and protection. Our wire mesh partitions come in a variety of mesh styles, types, and sizes that can be personally customized throughout our thorough sales consultation process. Choose between our standard-duty and heavy-duty mesh types, woven or welded mesh styles, and various color and finishes options that can be pinpointed to the exact color sample provided. Our caging systems offer multiple lock options running from padlocks, keyed access, electronic strike, and biometric access for the most secure facilities. SecurityCaging.com’s expert team is here to work with you to design a caging system that perfectly suits your needs. 


In multi-unit or mixed-use buildings with apartments and businesses, the separation of residents and visitors is key to protecting resident property and belongings. Stairwell guarding with wire mesh partitions restricts access to areas where residents live, park their vehicles, or store personal belongings. Protection of these private areas is vital to theft reduction and will boost tenants’ confidence that their building prioritizes safety.

Educational facilities can elevate security for their students by integrating stairwell partitions thus restricting access to the roof and other private areas, while also keeping unauthorized visitors out. In the event of a lockdown situation, stairwell partitions are a strong physical deterrent to entry that can be integrated into a facility’s electrical system to automatically lock in the event of an emergency.

These fail/safe locking systems are beneficial in any industry that has facilities that house sensitive information and data, high-dollar inventory, pharmaceuticals, or any facility with the potential risk for theft or intrusion. Stairwell partitions present the opportunity to gain more control over access points in any facility by controlling hours of access, entry for different levels of authorized users, and tracking entry and exit of employees.

Why SecurityCaging.com?

SecurityCaging.com offers a premium, turn-key experience throughout the purchase process. Expect exceptional service from our knowledgeable sales team, who is readily available to provide expedited pricing and assist you throughout each stage of the purchasing process. From design to installation, our team aims to provide you with supreme quality caging materials with top-tier service.

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