Aerosol and Volatile Materials Storage Caging

Aerosol Cage Specifications
Heavy Duty Steel Caging Solutions

At, we solve problems of storage with aerosols and volatile materials.

An aerosol cage has one purpose, to contain and minimize potential accidents with aerosols and volatiles. An exploding can or container is a little like a hand grenade, potentially filling the immediate area with shrapnel. A well-designed wire mesh aerosol cage contains a potential explosion.

Keep aerosols and hazardous materials safe with our wire partition security cages. These are great for storing aerosol cans in warehouse facilities, and for other volatile and hazardous substances.

Aerosol Caging Specifications

  • 1-1/2″ 8 Gauge Woven or Welded Wire Mesh

  • Floor to Roof Installation

  • Alternate Wire Mesh Ceiling

  • Separates Aerosol Storage from Other Hazardous and Class IV Materials

  • Self-closing Doors Prevent Accidental Discharge Through Open Gateways

  • Two Doors Required with Cage System