Weapons Storage Carts

Weapons Storage Carts,
by International Vault.

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Weapons Storage Carts

Why Use Weapons Storage Carts?

Weapons storage carts allow for easy transportation and storage of arms for military or law enforcement use. They create organization and efficiency when transporting weapons while avoiding messy and difficult transportation. Weapons storage carts come in locked and open styles to allow for the transportation of weapons based on your preferences of size, capacity, and security. Weapons, gear, and ammo are secured in weapons storage carts to create ease of use. Explore your options and compare locked and open styles of weapons storage carts to maximize your base’s efficiency, organization, and weapon transportation. 

Locked Weapons Carts

military weapon storage

Locked mobile weapons carts can be transported in an easy and secure way. Locked weapons carts can transport heavy weapons up to 1,200 pounds with their heavy-duty casters. They are easy to pull or push and have two base caster brakes to prevent the cart from rolling on its own. Locked weapons carts can hold 12 rifles and 12 pistols or 6 M249s depending on your facility’s inventory. Weapons storage racks can be used in conjunction with locked weapons carts to transport multiple carts at a time for a base. Locked weapons carts create greater security than leaving weapons in the open with eight internal lock rods for door security and a nine-point locking system. Weapons storage cages are also a great addition to your secure arms room to increase security when weapons carts are not actively in use. Locked weapons carts can be a great addition to your military or law enforcement base or facility.

Open Weapons Carts

Combat weapon carts transport and store guns and gear in the panels that are not lockable. They can transport and store weapons within a secure arms room or outside with two waist-high handles that cart weapons with ease. Open weapons carts allow for the transportation of up to 24 assorted rifles and the storage of ammo or gear on shelves. They can also transport heavy weapons such as MK19s or Mortars with reinforced base and back panels. Use open weapons carts with weapons storage cages for secure storage and weapons panels and shelves for increased display organization. Open weapons carts have barrel saddles to secure barrels of weapons while in transport and have brakes to prevent unnecessary movement once the cart is stationary. Available in three cart sizes, open weapons carts allow for flexibility and organization for weapons. 

Who Can Use Weapons Carts?

Weapons storage carts are most relevant for military and law enforcement use, but can also be used at shooting ranges or for personal weapon storage. The military can use weapons carts for weapons storage from a modular armory building to vehicles to a secure arms room and in the field. Law enforcement can use weapons carts as an alternative to weapons racks or weapons shelving and panels. The greatest advantage for weapons storage carts are their movability, which creates ease of transportation without needing individuals to carry bulky bags or weapons when not on active duty. Shooting ranges can store their armory in weapons carts to easily move inventory at the end of the night to a secure armory room or weapons security cage to protect against burglary or theft. Weapons carts can also be used for personal arms collections to transport to shooting ranges or into secure storage areas.

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