Garage Storage

Garage Storage,

At, we solve problems of storage, organization, safety, pilfering, restricted access, and more.

Our product delivers a strong deterrent to intrusion, is durable, and provides a high-end, professional appearance. is always the right choice. When you don’t want to leave security to chance, rely on the reputation of International Vault, our parent company, with almost 4 decades of experience supplying modular vaults and physical security solutions to clients, worldwide.

Garage Storage

Creating a garage space that is space efficient and well-equipped to store all of your belongings can be difficult. By transforming unused wall space into a convenient storage area, floor space can be used for parking cars and not other items!

Wall Mounted wire mesh lockers

Whether installed in a personal residence or an apartment complex, these wire mesh garage storage units will eliminate storage of various items on the floor. Elevating the storage will allow cars of any size to freely park without being hindered by a lack of space. When installing these systems in an apartment or condominium complex, revenue can be attained by renting these spaces above their parking spot. Valuable living space can be maximized with the inclusion of additional garage storage for bulky, rarely used items.

Features of our Wire Mesh Garage Storage Lockers

  • 2″ x 2″ Welded Wire Mesh
  • Bottom of locker is made of 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Options available for sliding or hinged doors
  • Options available for ceiling or no ceiling
  • Standard size of 8′ W x 3′ H x 3′ D
  • Custom sizes available

A convenient, cost-effective, and space saving way to increase your garage storage

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