About Us



With facilities located in Whitsett, NC, SecurityCaging.com is a division of International Vault, Inc., one of the oldest and most experienced U.S. manufacturers of concrete modular vaults.

Founded in 1982, our company manufactures, delivers, and installs best-of-class Modular Vault Systems throughout the world.

Wire caging has been an integral part of International Vault’s product line for years. The advent of SecurityCaging.com is a reflection of the increased demand for our versatile and customizable wire caging products.

We continuously strive to meet the most demanding burglary and intrusion resistance standards, while striving to combine the twin benefits of low cost and high quality.

Today, more warehouses, manufacturers, agencies, financial institutions, military, and police departments turn to International Vault for our full service, turnkey approach. From design and engineering to installation, we customize our security solutions to meet your unique situation and needs.

Our superior manufacturing techniques, exceptional engineering processes, and excellent customer service ensure a great experience every time. We believe that International Vault, Inc. can provide more value for your investment than any other manufacturer in the industry.

Call our SecurityCaging.com division today at 919-742-3132 to learn more, or visit our easy-to-use Contact Form.